Do you sometimes wish life was easier? Wouldn’t it be nice if everything good for us didn’t take such time, effort and self-discipline?

The challenges of life are on every side of us. They’re everywhere we turn. Whether it’s health, relationships, finances, spiritual growth, or keeping an orderly environment, we engage in a battle between the outcomes we want, and the work it takes to get there, every day of our lives! Some of us have had more training in self-discipline than others. I am not one of them!!!
I have gone through most of my life like a Yo-yo, trying to do better, giving in to laziness or distraction, then back again in a crazy cycle. I know many of us can relate. At least we keep trying, right? Recently, my husband and I have joined a 12 week Body Transformation Challenge on The chance of winning a large sum of money is an excellent motivator, but honestly, I think it’s good just to have a specific goal and challenge to stick to.
So far, we’ve been doing great in the contest and are pushing ourselves harder than ever before. We’ve been having fun doing something that usually feels like a chore. Getting up super early, working out and eating good, and getting to bed at a decent time, have all become a part of this fun ‘challenge’! I think having a goal and challenge for ourselves is very powerful. It’s extra powerful when you do it as a team with others. You can pick each other up and encourage each other on the way.
Some people will say you’re crazy. I remember seeing people jogging in the rain while I’m warmly bundled in my cozy car and thinking they’re nuts! Now when I tell some people I’m getting up at 5am and going to the gym, or when they see what I’m eating, they say I’m crazy. I look at the alternative of being sick and tired and not feeling good about my body, and I think it’s crazy not to do what I can to prevent it!
Many of us look at the rewards that disciplined people have in their life and are jealous. We want what they have. We’re looking for a quick fix, magic pill or lottery to bring us what we desire, but the facts are that it just takes good old-fashioned sweat equity! Let’s all get beyond Einstein’s explanation of insanity – ‘Doing the same thing and expecting different results’ and become a different kind of crazy – the kind of crazy that’s willing to go against the flow and win the prize!

So let’s create a challenge for ourselves and go for it!