nicesmilecropHi there! My name is Noella Reeder.

Welcome to my blog, Health Nut Hints.

I called it that because I’m not a Doctor or a health ‘Guru’ who lives and breathes all their healthy beliefs in purity on top of a mountain somewhere!

I’m more of a health nut – heavy on the ‘Nut’!

I’m a regular woman – wife, mom, and young grandma, that lives in this everyday world of stress and chaos that we all try to bumble through.

I’ve been reading and experimenting with different ways of healthy eating and living for approximately 20 years, since one of my kids had health issues.

They had allergic eczema and the trials and errors of finding what foods they were reacting to was hell! 20 years ago, there weren’t the wheat and dairy free options that we have today!

Because of all the allergen-free cooking I did at home, I eventually went on to become a gluten-free baker for a delightful bakery in Nanaimo B.C. that was called the Blue Jewel Bakery and Café. Unfortunately it had to close – to the many tears of its customers.

I have tried all kinds of diets over the years, The Zone, vegan, raw, high-protein weight training, sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, you name it.

I have found that the one thing most health promoters agree on, is that a diet high in nutrient dense foods like vegetables, fruits and whole foods, and low in over-processed foods high in bad fats, sugars, and chemicals, is best for us all.

I hope to offer information, tips and advice on how to live a healthier life, step by step, that will motivate and inspire you.

We are in a war for our health and we need to stand together, pick each other up when we fall, and encourage one another to keep trying!

I hope you find some helpful information or recipes here!

Thanks for stopping by! Congratulations on taking another step towards health!


Yours in health, Noella Reeder