High Protein Hummus

Looking for some high protein vegan snack ideas?
Here’s a quick one you can whip up in seconds!
It’s a high protein hummus that I created yesterday for my husband who likes to snack on cereal!

I made this video as an afterthought. Sorry I didn’t think to film it as I made it!


High Protein Hummus

140 calories – depending on hummus

4 Tbsp hummus – preferably ‘lite’ – no oil added
2 tbsp salsa
1 Tbsp pumpkin protein powder


175 calories

All the above ingredients +
1 Tbsp BBQ sauce
chipotle or hot sauce to taste

Mix all together. Serves one.
A small container of hummus makes 3 batches of this, […]

Broken-Hearted Veggie Tales

Do you love vegetables?
If you answered yes, do you prove it regularly? If you answered no, then do you know how much veggies ‘love’ you?

Let me explain this crazy statement. I’m not talking about veggies brought to life like in the kids series ‘Veggie Tales’ where they seem to miraculously do every day things without hands, but I’m talking from the view of what a good ¬†relationship is like.

We teach our children the importance of choosing good friends. We don’t want to see them get into an abusive relationship. How many of us have tried to encourage someone to […]