Are your green smoothies kind of chunky or chewy? Do you love the taste of raspberries in your smoothies, but hate the seeds?

Having the right blender can make a world of difference! I have been making shakes, smoothies and nut-milks for years. I’ve made a lot of raw desserts with cashews and other things that are hard to blend. Up until yesterday I’ve been using regular blenders and am often frustrated with the results.

After scraping down the sides, blending for what seems forever, and still not always happy with the end texture with my old blender, yesterday my darling husband splurged and bought me an early Christmas present. It’s a Blendtec blender with what’s called a Wildside jar that is larger than the regular blender jars.

I AM IN LOVE!!! I can’t stop thinking about this wonderful creation and what I’ll make next with it! How have I lived without it for so long!?

Here are the 4 things I’ve made so far and why this blender is so superior:

1. Fruit and veggie smoothie – I put things in this smoothie that I would never put in my old blenders! Water, large chunks of beets which are very hard, kale – with the stems, whole apple, pear, banana, grapes, frozen raspberries and pineapple. Okay, I went crazy with the ingredients, but hey, I was excited! The Blendtec blended it quickly and the smoothie was AWESOME! It was creamy, the kale and beets were completely broken down and the raspberry seeds were pulverized!

2. Almond milk – Last week I made almond milk with my old blender and blended it for so long and there were still large pieces of the skins, etc. The Blendtec pulverized the almonds and their skins so that all that showed was tiny brown specks! I then sweetened it with dates which I never used in my old blender because they didn’t break down well. It was delicious! No one usually likes my almond milk, so I resort to using the bought stuff, but my husband drank it and loved it, then used the rest in his protein shake this morning!

3. Raw Alfredo Sauce – I put a tiny bit of water, lemon juice, garlic, salt, peeled zucchini, cauliflower and soaked sunflower seeds in the Blendtec and expected to have to scrape the sides and fiddle like I usually do, but I didn’t have to do anything! It came out a beautiful creamy texture with not a seed stuck to the side!

4. Raw Applesauce – I put in apple with the peel, something I never would do with a regular blender because the peel would be nasty, dates, cinnamon and a bit of water. This stuff was heavenly! Greg and I were scarffing it this morning! The taste was so fresh and good that it lasted in my mouth for quite a while after eating!

I am absolutely impressed with this thing! It is easy to get the blended stuff out of because of the square shape of the jar and the flat bottom on it. It is quick and breaks things down wonderfully. I can’t wait to make my raw cheesecake with cashews! It will actually be completely creamy for a change!

The picture above is what I’m making for lunch – raw soup!

There’s a link to Amazon on the sidebar for a good deal on the Blendtec I got with the Wildside Jar if you’re interested.