Welcome to Hints From a Health Nut!  I’m so glad you dropped in!

This site is dedicated to articles that teach, encourage and inspire people to make healthier choices in all areas of their lives.

There will be sections on Physical Health – diet, exercise, healthy recipes, Mental and Emotional Health, and  even some on Relational and Spiritual Health.

We are in a war on all sides and hopefully in this site you will find some weapons and ‘ammo’ to use in this battle for our well-being!

Keep up the good work and remember “Never Give up! Never Surrender!”

Fight the Good Fight for Abundant Life!

Fight the Good Fight for Abundant Life

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High Protein Hummus

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The Challenges We Face

  • January 26th, 2015

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Here’s a tip: Concentrate more on eating good foods than not eating ‘bad’ foods. The more healthy things you eat, the less unwholesome things you’ll crave. This works in every area of life. Spiritually, mentally, etc.