Here’s a tip on feeding your brain to change your life!

Do you ever read something or watch something that really inspires you to change and you start out then get off track? Umm… Yeah!!! I think we all have in one way or another. It might be about food, exercise, relationships, spiritual growth or finances, but it seems unless we find ways to keep ourselves motivated, we get easily side-tracked.

I have found in the past, and am really putting it into practice right now, the art of continually feeding my brain with info on the areas I need to change. Over the years I have encountered multitudes of testimonials of folks who not only have healed themselves of cancers, diabetes, and myriad other illnesses from eating a raw food diet, but how they feel so vibrant, alive and youthful. I’ve tried it a few times and every time I do, I feel great! There is literally no way of eating that I have found that compares.

Why, oh why, do I ever go back to eating foods that make me feel yuchh? Life gets in the way. I get stressed and slip a bit, then I slip a lot! Next thing you know, BAM! I’m hooked again and I forget about all I know because my focus is on other things.

Finding community with like-minded people is very important because you inspire each other, and I’ve been doing that more lately, but also on a daily basis, I’ve been trying to take the time to watch a few inspiring clips on YouTube or a movie on health instead of so many dumb movies that I usually watch. I’m checking out books and websites for info and recipes. Also, I’ve managed to get my family to watch some too so they’re on board with me which is a big plus!

Whatever you are trying to change or improve in your life, keep feeding your brain good info that will help stimulate you to keep on track. If you find yourself off track again, start looking up some good brain-fuel again!

Here are some interesting videos to inspire you about the benefits of eating raw foods! Check out these ‘hot young things’ – and

Here’s a guy that healed himself of cancer, diabetes and lost over 200 lbs

A testimonial of a teenage girl with stage 3 brain cancer that couldn’t be removed or treated with radiation. Her Mom found out about the healing power of raw foods so tried it and the girl was healed!

The body was created to heal itself. When we give it the things it needs and stop filling it with harmful substances, it does an amazing job of ‘curing’ itself.

Just some ‘food for thought’!