Do you want to break out of the obsession with thinness trap that our society is stuck in? How about getting addicted to being healthy instead?

Our obsession with looking thin continually leads us to do very unhealthy things! We are programmed that we must look a certain way to be acceptable no matter the cost! The cost is great! Our health and our pocketbook suffer from the crazy fads we try over and over to no good result.

I know some people who are very fit and healthy that don’t have the stereotypical ‘model body’ and I know many slim people who are very unhealthy. As we have learned in the world of anorexia and bulimia, the obsession with being thin can be very dangerous. Unfortunately, being overweight is the cause of many problems and diseases.

It’s fine to want to look and feel good in a bathing suit, but how about feeling awesome, energetic, healthy and vibrant and looking good? Instead of just trying to look good, why don’t we concentrate on doing things that make us feel good. Eating right and exercising improve our health and make us look good!

Disease is a tricky thing. In general, heart attacks, diabetes, cancer and other illnesses don’t just happen one day. None of us really knows what’s going on underneath, so to speak, until we have symptoms. Instead of just trying to look good on the outside, we should be trying to be healthy on the inside – which has the side effect of making us look better!

Whatever your motivation for losing weight, be it vanity – looks, or vitality – health, ┬áplease make sure you are going about it in a healthy manner rather than fads and gimmicks or skipping meals. Try to make health your #1 goal and your weight and looks will follow!