Would you like to go back in the past to visit your old self and have a pep talk with them?

I saw a trailer recently for the new X-Men movie that’s coming out where it looks like Professor Xavier goes into the past to talk to his old self that has lost all hope and is about to make some momentous bad decision. Well, too bad none of us has mutant super powers or time machines so we can’t go back and kick ourselves in the behind and say ‘What the ‘Bleep!’ are you thinking!!!

Anyway, we can’t go back to change the direction our lives have taken, but we can imagine what our future self might say to us if they came back now! So, if you continue on the road of habits and choices that you are currently on, where do you see yourself headed? If you are headed in the ‘wrong direction’ for what you’d like, how do you get on the right road?

I am reminded of an old term that isn’t used too often nowadays. If you are a Bible reader or church goer, you might have heard it. The word is ‘Repent’. You hear people preach ‘Repent and be saved!’ Well, what does repent mean?

It was sort of a picture of turning. Turning from your old way of doing things to a new way – in the Bible it was God’s way. Repent meant stop the old behaviours that were hurting yourself and others and turn 180 degrees the other way and do the opposite. If you were being greedy and selfish, then start giving. If you were a hypocrite and acted ‘righteous’ on the outside but inwardly were critical and judging of others, then change your attitude to one of love and acceptance.

So I guess changing the direction of our lives means stopping what we have been and still are doing that has got us in this mess and turning around and doing the opposite! We need to ‘repent’ of our old careless ways that are bringing destruction to our bodies, souls, relationships, finances, etc. and turn to a new way of living that will ‘save’ us!

I like Einstein’s quote on the definition of insanity – doing the same thing and expecting different results! That makes perfect sense to a scientist or mathematician, but really, why does it take the rest of us so long to figure it out?!

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