Did you know that chiropractic adjustments could help more than your back?

I’ve only been going for a few weeks and not only is my chronic back and hip pain and stiffness gone already, but many other symptoms are gone too!

I have had back issues for years and a few really bad episodes where I couldn’t even walk because of the pain. I have been to around 5 different chiropractors, but have never met one quite like Dr Ali Amiri. More on him later!

My usual habit is to continue going to the chiropractor only until my pain symptoms have gone. I had one other chiropractor take x-rays and have a chat with me on the importance of coming in for a regular adjustment. I didn’t listen to him and that’s why my back is such a mess right now!

So, here’s where Dr Amiri has made the difference. He takes a very educational approach. I had plans to start going to another chiropractor because my lower back and right hip were really bothering me. It hurt to roll around from side to side at night and in the morning I could hardly bend to put on my socks. I was doing extensive stretching routines every day and things were still tight and sore! I happened upon an ad for an upcoming free movie night in my area showing a movie called ‘Dude, Where do you Get Your Protein?’ It intrigued me because I follow a mostly plant-based diet and there is so much hype out there about protein. The movie was put on by Dr Amiri from Coquitlam Family Chiropractic. I almost didn’t go but was so glad that I did!

It was a very informative night with testimonials from some of his patients on how they’ve lost weight and got off of their meds for multiple illnesses through following health information they had learned through Dr. Amiri! He takes a whole person approach in his practice. Not only does he focus on the spine which is responsible for many of our ailments when it is out of alignment, but he encourages people to live a healthy lifestyle by eating a mostly raw plant foods diet. He puts info nights on regularly and has a great lending library of books and DVD’s on health in his office that are available to his patients.

I decided to check him out. This kind of healthy supportive community that he was fostering was right up my alley! It didn’t hurt that he was only charging $20 for all the exams and x-rays! This is usually a couple hundred dollars! I was impressed by his facility. It felt homey and welcoming rather that cold and sterile like many healthcare offices, and it always has an inspiring health video playing! I wish more health professionals would take this approach!

Here’s the basic gist of what I learned on the introductory exams and info sessions: The brain is our most vital organ, that’s why it’s encased in our hard protective skull. Likewise, our spinal chord that carries the information back and forth from our brain to every part of our body is protected by the bones in our spine. There are nerves that flow from the power source of our brain between our different vertebrae going to specific areas of our body. If the vertebrae are out of alignment, getting pressed together somewhere, it can cut off the flow of the nerves to specific body parts. Chiropractors often see people with different ailments cured or alleviated when these areas of the spine are adjusted and things start flowing properly again. People with asthma have been helped, as well as many other issues.

My x-rays showed some serious issues. My neck was the worst. It is supposed to have a c shape. Mine was not only straight (which causes a nasty stretching of the spinal chord) it was bent forward and had bad arthritic bone spurs. After seeing some encouraging before and after x-rays of an elderly patient with a similar neck that looked straight, arthritic and had very little space between the bones that is needed as a shock absorbing cushion, then seeing her later x-ray that was properly curved, had no more bone spurs and nice spaces back where they should be after being treated by Dr Amiri and how well her general health had improved enough to leave her part-time care facility and go back to an active life at home, it was a no-brainer for me to get to work on it right away. I was also out in my hips and a bit elsewhere.

Within the first 2 visits or so my back and hip pain and stiffness I’d been suffering with for months was gone!!! I haven’t even stretched in the following weeks and it’s still completely gone! Yay!!! The second week, I noticed something very strange. I have a jaw-clenching issue. I’m supposed to sleep with a mouth guard which I don’t, and I find I am consciously trying to relax my jaw throughout the day. I’ve wondered why it seemed so tense because I don’t feel stressed.

One day as I was driving, I noticed that my jaw was naturally relaxed. It seemed like there was a space between my teeth as my jaw was relaxed. For 2 days straight, I couldn’t stop being wonderfully aware that my jaw was in a relaxed state without me having to try to consciously do it! No more feeling of tension and clenched teeth! I told the Doctor and he said many people say that happens to them after neck adjustments. I didn’t realize the tension on my jaw muscles was being caused by my neck being so far out!

Another thing that I’m very excited about is my lack of cramps and PMS in general this last menstrual cycle. Dr. Amiri had said many women stop having painful periods after chiropractic adjustment. I thought that sounded nice because every month like clockwork I go through an intensely emotional phase followed by strong chocolate cravings, killer headache, then doozy cramps. I just finished my period and had absolutely zero of any of these normal symptoms!!! This after only a few treatments!!!

I brought one of my kids in even though they didn’t have back pain, and sure enough they had the straight neck problem too! Too much time hunched over the computer probably! Even though they don’t have back pain, this could cause serious problems if not rectified. I encourage you to have your whole family checked. Even infants can have back trauma caused by a difficult birth that manifests in different health issues over the years.

One more tip that I want to leave you with is to do with pillows. After discovering that my neck bends forward in ways it shouldn’t, I decided to get rid of my big fluffy pillow and roll up a towel under my neck. I have since found a wonderful memory foam travel pillow that works great. Not having my neck bent forward all night and just having it lightly supported has really helped. The doctor said many pillows people sleep with are not good for them. Check with your chiropractor to see what they suggest for you.

If you’re lucky enough to live in the lower Mainland area not too far from Coquitlam Center, I strongly suggest you look up Coquitlam Family Chiropractic and Dr Ali Amiri and give him a try. If not, look for a good chiropractor who takes x-rays and is willing to go over them with you so you can see first hand how important it is to take good care of your back! It’s not just about back pain. Your spine being out of proper alignment could be making you sick in other ways!