Why is fasting is a great way to kick-start your health journey?

Are you feeling sick and sluggish, but having a hard time breaking some of your old unhealthy eating habits? I was feeling that way after Christmas and the naughty binging I did, but have totally revamped my eating lifestyle by going on a fast. Here are some of the things I learned along the way.

Hi friends! I’ve been gone for a month or so with no posts. I hope you’ve missed me! I’ve missed sharing with you! After becoming inspired by watching the film Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, which I shared on an earlier post, my husband Greg and I recently finished a 30 day fast. Wow! We did it! I’m so proud of us! It has been quite a journey, physically and spiritually and I will be sharing some of that journey with you along with some awesome juice recipes in upcoming posts.

This is the longest fast we’ve ever done. I think we lasted 3 days on the Master Cleanse lemon juice fast many years ago and a few 31 hour famine awareness times with youth groups, but nothing this epic! What kind of fast did we do, you ask? It’s actually called a juice ‘feast’ because you drink a lot of fresh pressed juices so that your body gets a digestive rest but is given mega amounts of nutrients to cleanse and repair your body with. You don’t feel hungry because you are actually getting quite a few calories in the juices. It certainly makes you pee a lot though!

The focus is to ingest mostly green juices because they are the most healing and nutrient dense and won’t cause large spikes in your sugar levels which is especially important for diabetics who try this fast. We made some yummy fruit and carrot or beet juices to have for ‘dessert’ as a break along the way and added some home-made vegetable soup broth and miso soup on occasion when we were desperate for something warm and savoury.

We don’t know what internal benefits may have happened that we can’t see, but a few of the benefits we’ve experienced are:

  • Both of us have lost weight around 12-15 lbs each. Our bellies have come down considerably. Greg’s ‘love handles’ are gone and his chin, which was getting rounder on the bottom has really thinned out. I had to give away a bunch of my pants and am now wearing pants that haven’t fit me for quite a while!
  • My skin has really improved, I had a rash on my arm that I’d had for months that has completely disappeared and my hormonal acne seems to have cleared up.
  • No PMS symptoms ¬†(which is also in part to my chiropractic adjustments)
  • Both of us have noticed a remarkable increase in our libidos and overall sexual pleasure enhanced (which makes sense when you understand the importance of blood-flow for sexual function)
  • Food cravings are completely gone – esp. my serious chocolate addiction – I couldn’t care less if I ever eat chocolate again!
  • Improved sense of smell and taste. We find sweet things that we used to love too sweet! I’d rather have fresh fruit than dessert!
  • We are so thankful for the fresh foods we are now eating! I have watched Greg pig out on salad and love it! I will give you the recipe for raw ‘Caesar’ dressing that I created that he’s fallen in love with in another post. I was in raptures just eating an avocado!
  • It is so easy to eat raw healthy foods and I don’t miss the heavy, greasy, sugary, ¬†refined foods I was eating at Christmas!
  • Emotionally and spiritually we are much clearer and have really been growing this month after being in a dry patch for quite awhile!

So, that’s what I’ve been up to! I will be posting more on specific tips, thoughts and recipes from my fast in the next few days!

Good health to you all,
Love Noella