Are you looking to get a juicer, but wondering what kind to get?

Here is my story of different juicers after my 30 day fast.

Well, Old Betsy, the Champion Juicer we have had for the past 26 years was a little worse for wear after having a piece broken off that keeps the spout from spinning around and having the part with the ‘teeth’ dropped down a running garborator, so when we decided to go on a 30 day juice fast, we figured it might be time to get a new juicer.

I thought that maybe the Breville that Joe Cross uses on Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead was the way to go because it seemed to be quick and easy. The spout was large enough to juice a whole apple unlike my Champion which had to have things cut to fit into the spout. I kept coming across articles that said how you had to drink the juice right away because you lose a lot of the nutrients quickly because of the high RPMs of the machine, so I thought it might be better to get a machine with lower RPMs so I could make up lots of juice at one time that would keep more of it’s nutrients if I left it in the fridge for a few days.

I learned that a slow masticating juicer with RPMs under 100 were the best for preserving nutrient quality of the juice as well as extracting more of the juice resulting in a greater yield from your produce so you get more for your money. I came across a model that seemed identical to some of the high-end models for about 1/2 the price. It is called the Salton VitaPro and is available at London Drugs or Walmart for about $200.00.

I discovered that I might be saving nutrients and getting more juice, but it was far more time consuming! I really had to learn how to use this baby because she is finikkity! Everything has to be cut into small pieces. It does not like fibrous things because they clog it up and get wrapped around things so I found myself cutting stringy things like celery and kale into bite-sized chunks and feeding them in a very little bit at a time. Juicing enough for 2 people for a few days worth of juice took hours!

Also, I had to filter the juice because it was chunky! I think it might be worth sacrificing nutrients for speed for the average busy person, especially if they are doing high amounts of juicing for a fast. There are many articles on juicers out there and many different styles of juicers depending what you’re looking to do. Some are better at greens and things like wheatgrass, some do other things like make nut butters and ice cream from frozen fruit like my Champion. Some are quick to juice and easy to clean and others are slower but preserve more nutrients. You need to decide which of these things is most important to you and what sacrifices you are willing to make – time vs. quality, cost, etc.

I think the most important thing is to get something and start juicing! I encourage everyone to start regularly drinking green juices especially, because we just don’t eat enough greens as a rule in our society and greens are really one of the most nutrient dense, cleansing foods we can consume. The great thing about juice is that the nutrients get to go straight into the blood stream and give your body a boost without having to tax the digestive system.

Happy Juicing and may you find the juicer of your dreams that works best for you!

Love Noella