Have you ever been stuck in an area of your life and felt like it would be impossible to change because you’ve been like that for so long that you’ve kinda given up hope?

Many of us have felt like that in one or more areas of our lives at some time. Have you heard the quote by Albert Einstein that the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing and expecting to see different results? I heard that over and over and I knew I needed to change somehow, but I didn’t know what things to do differently! It’s fine and dandy to know that you need to change, but knowing what to do and then doing it is another matter!

What I have recently discovered is the importance of humility when seeking to change. We have to admit to the weakness or lack of knowledge that we have, and then be willing to really listen and submit to the wisdom of someone who knows more than us. I recently walked through these steps and have seen a dramatic change in an area I’ve been stuck in for years. I was stuck in my walk with God. I literally went to a friend and confessed that I was a mess, spiritually! I had known God for almost 30 years and had enjoyed many great encounters with him and been very blessed in many ways, but felt like my love for him was pretty cold. Kind of like a marriage with no passion any more, just going through the motions of existence together.

My friend had been in the same state and introduced me to a woman who had helped her and really mentored her in a way that dramatically changed her life. She gave me the woman’s number and said to call her, say I was her friend, and that I needed help cause I’m a mess! Wow! Call a perfect stranger and say I’m a mess spiritually even though I’ve known God for 30 years! It was scary! I chickened out a little and got my husband to call! What a coward, eh?! Anyway, I did talk to her and then began a journey of submitting to her wisdom that has resulted in me finally having the relationship with God that I’ve always dreamed of.

She showed me truths that I only knew in part but didn’t understand because some of my core beliefs were in error. How much of our lives are like that? We can’t figure out why some areas of of our lives are in such a mess. Maybe it’s because we have an error in our foundational knowledge somewhere. We need to have the humility to admit we don’t know it all, and the humility to really listen to those who do know more, then the humility to put their wisdom into practice.

Jesus said that if we wanted to enter the Kingdom of God, we need to come like little children. Children are humble and learn and listen to us like little sponges. If we’re ever really going to grow in this life, then we need to be humble like a child to keep learning and growing. We need to admit when we’re wrong or made a mistake, let it go and move on. When a child learns to walk, they get up over and over and don’t sit down in tears because their pride has made them feel bad that they don’t know how to walk! Let’s not get stuck because we think we know it all or aren’t willing to learn and change. Let’s have a child-like heart that loves to learn!

The other key I learned is accountability and support. More on that to come!

Health, blessings and growth to you in every area of your life,