Here’s how my 19 yr old recently went from pale and pimply to clear and glowing!

My family has been more serious about eating a whole foods plant-based diet the past few weeks. We’ve been drinking many green smoothies and fresh green juices. The past few days I’ve noticed an interesting phenomenon happening with my 19 year old. Ever since they hit puberty, they’ve had acne problems and had eczema since they were 1 year old. Their skin is usually very pale and anaemic looking. Their face is clear – from acne and the eczema around the chin, which is awesome, but it also glows with health! It has a bit of pink in the cheeks! I can hardly take my eyes off their face!

The other interesting ‘side effect’ of all this healthy cleansing food is our energy and joy level! We are always a little kooky, but I keep getting rushes of happy feeling energy and can’t seem to wipe the smile off my face or fight the urge to giggle! We were up early this morning and laughing and joking around like we were stoned! We are high on ‘green stuff’!

We haven’t even started our fast that we have planned for the New Year, but we are seeing awesome results in our health just from eliminating meats and processed foods and getting lots of fruit and vegetable nutrients!

This stuff is also very ‘cleansing’, if you know what I mean! I’ve heard many old people say, when asked, that the secret to long life is having clean bowels! This is so true! Clogging ourselves up with toxic waste is very detrimental to our health. I encourage you all to start getting lots of fruits and veggies into your diet, especially in the form of fresh juices and smoothies, because you can get so much more into your system than eating them. It cleans your blood and bowels and brings much needed nutrients to your cells.

Maybe that’s what’s happening with me getting rushes of joy. My cells are doing a happy dance!

Come join the party and give your cells a happy buzz with some fresh green smoothies!