Do you need to learn to treat yourself better?

Here’s something to think about:

Cleaning Company Analogy:

Imagine you hired a cleaning company to clean your home while you were away on holidays so you’d have a nice clean place to come home to and:

  • Instead of floor cleaner, they spread a bunch of food all over the floor then left all the doors and windows open and the smell attracted all kinds of vermin
  • There is an infestation of ants, cockroaches and rats running wild everywhere and leaving behind all their nests and faeces. The animals have destroyed much of your furniture and walls by chewing and making homes in it
  • They filled the toilets with garbage that is not only rotting and attracting more vermin but they are plugged and no longer flush
  • They’ve wiped the windows with greasy rags so you can’t see out of them – everything seems foggy and disoriented
  • They’ve messed with the wiring somehow so your power is low and all your appliances are short-circuiting
  • They’ve filled the air with so much dirt that your heating and filtration system is clogged. The products they did use are so toxic that the air is filled with poisons
  • There is mould growing everywhere from the food that the vermin haven’t eaten yet

You are so shocked and appalled that you immediately check into a hotel and phone your lawyer to start legal proceedings against them for the damage they did to your home.

You would never even consider paying someone to do this to your house. You would never allow your precious loved ones to live in such a toxic environment. We are careful with the homes we live in, but we are not so careful with the body house we live in. Many of us don’t realize that we are doing these very things to our body temples that these evil cleaners did to the fictional house.

We are plugged like the toilets; our wiring and filtration systems are short-circuited and clogged. Our power is low or fluctuating. We are host to many ‘vermin’ that are feeding off the garbage in our systems and giving off their faeces, and creating havoc with our inner ‘furniture’. Our minds and souls are foggy. Our bodies are filled with mould, bacteria and toxins from putrefaction not to mention deadly chemicals from pesticides, additives, etc.

The very sad thing is that we have actually paid a lot of money to do this to ourselves! Then we go on to pay a lot of money to put ‘band-aid’ solutions over the whole problem. We need to go to the source of the problem – what we put in our bodies in the first place and what effect those substances have on us.

I know this is a gross analogy, but really, it is a fitting one. Lets try creating a cleaner environment in our body ‘house’!