Do you ever wish that there was no such thing as unhealthy food and healthy food,  bad choices and good choices?

It would be awesome if chocolate bars were in the same category as broccoli! Wouldn’t it be nice to just do what we like without negative consequences? Many of us live that way. Unfortunately, reality strikes when we wind up suffering with disease, financial ruin or some other disaster.

The reality of this life is that each and every choice we make sows seed in future consequences – good or bad. I’ve been thinking lately on how life is really about choices. Almost every minute, we are faced with decisions to make, some big, some small, but all add up at the end of the day. Health, in body, soul and spirit is a choice, or really a series of choices.

We all want to be ‘successful’ – whatever that looks like to each individual. No one starts out thinking “Wow! I really want to wreck my life today!” I think of the series of books on the habits of successful people. There are habits and behaviours that have proven over time to bring about certain results. Each of us has the option and ability to start putting these habits into practice. It comes down to the power of choice.

Am I going to choose to get up earlier so I have time to exercise and make a proper breakfast? Am I going to turn off the computer or T.V. a little earlier at night so I can get up earlier in the morning? Each choice has a connection to the next. The more good choices you make, the easier the next good choices become!

Some of us feel powerless and stuck in different areas of our lives. I know I have felt this way many times. If you can find one new healthy habit to work on, it will have an empowering effect on helping you make positive decisions in other areas of your life.

Instead of saying I’m going to lose 50 lbs, and feeling like that’s a huge job, start one step at a time by finding out what habits you need to develop to lose that weight and keep it off – then start with the first, easiest choice and pat yourself on the back when you do it. Remember to forgive yourself and let it go if you make a bad choice then just start again! Every day is a new day full of new possibilities.

You can choose, but those choices start now! What are 3 new healthy choices you can start making now? Think about it, write it down and just go for it!

Choose Health! Choose Abundant Life! The results are worth it!

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