How Thankfulness Can Help You When You Want To Lose Weight

Do you find trying to lose weight causes you to lose your cool?

If there’s any battle that get’s us down, it’s the daily battle of the bulge!!!

It seems like every day is an emotional rollercoaster ride depending on whether I eat right and the scale is going up or down!

I’m not technically overweight, but I have an extra 15 or 20 lbs I’d like to dispose of. I know some of you hate me for even saying that! You wish you only had 20 lbs to lose!

The reality is that most of us obsess over our bodies no matter what our weight is!
I am going to Mexico in a week. I had hoped to fit into my bikini a little better than I do, but that’s not happening without drastic measures! The only real way to lose weight now is to cut something off!

I was having a bad day yesterday because of other issues and my angst over my eating was driving me to eat more!!!

Arghhh!!! I know many of you know what I’m talking about! You hate yourself for every bite you’re taking, but you keep chomping anyway!

This morning, I was taking some time to pray, and in my conversation with God, the topic of my negative emotions about food came up. I felt much better after talking to Him about it and getting the right focus.

Here’s how my prayer went, maybe it will help you too.

“I’m sorry for my selfishness and vanity! Forgive me for allowing such a superficial thing to affect me on such a deep level.

Thank you for the abundance in my life that I have the problem of being able to overeat!

Thank you that I have so many choices!

Thank you that I have the wisdom and knowledge of knowing the right choices to make regarding food and fitness.

Help me to have the right heart about food and my appearance.

Help me to stay thankful, have grace for myself, and not let my external circumstances steal my internal joy!

Thank you that you love me as I am. Help me to do the same. Amen.”


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