Do you know what you should do, but have trouble doing it?

Perhaps you need to re-train your brain!

I have found a universal truth that applies in anything in your life that you try to change whether it’s eating habits, exercise, business and finances, spiritual, relational or personal growth. All of the books I’ve read, including the Bible, self help tapes and seminars all seem to have a common thread. The one area we need to work on is our mind.

Our brain is a fantastic computer! It can do amazing things. Many of its’ functions are pre-programmed to run things unconsciously such as the functions of our organs, temperature regulation, etc. The rest of our lives’ programming is up to our parents and caregivers, teachers, life experiences and as we mature, ourselves.

Unfortunately most of us have gaps in our programming. We were either misinformed – especially by media, not informed, or had many negative experiences we ‘learned’ from that gave us the wrong view of ourselves. Too many of us get to a certain age and think we know all we need to know and don’t take the initiative to train or re-train ourselves. Being taught the truth while our brains are open, hungry little sponges as they are when we’re children, is of course, the best way to go. That is a fantasy world for most of us though, so we have to start over and ‘delete’ old thoughts and ‘type in’ new ones.

For more info on how to re-train your brain, look out for future posts in this Brain Change series – Brain Change Part 2: Layers of Change and Brain Change Part 3: Overcoming Resistance