Do you want to finally fulfil a lifelong dream or desire?

Of course you do! What a stupid question, eh? Well as the caption says, ‘Tomorrow Starts Now!’

I have discovered that it’s some kind of law of the Universe that as soon as you make a plan to do something for your future like going on a diet or exercise program, saving money for your future or something like that, then ‘Boom!’ something happens. Your friends invite you out for dinner or the church puts on a big pot-luck, so you say – I’ll start eating better tomorrow. The car breaks down and you have to pay to repair it so you say – I’ll start saving next pay-check.

It seems ‘tomorrow’ never comes! 20 years later you’re still saying – ‘I’ll start tomorrow’ because life is always throwing curve balls at our plans. If we really want to see the desired change or results we will have to stop waiting for tomorrow. We must take steps today. In my article called Choosing Health, I discussed how life is a series of choices. The only choice we have true power over is right now. The choice we can make this moment.

We can’t change the choices of yesterday and tomorrows choices aren’t here yet. We can help prepare for them and influence them, but we can’t make them yet.

Choose to go with your friends, but let them know you’re watching what you eat, so see if you can go somewhere with healthy options on the menu. Yes, the car cost a lot to fix, but can you still put something, no matter how small into your savings just to keep in the habit and make you feel like you’re on the right path?

What things have you been putting off until tomorrow? I know saving is a big one for me, so I’m preaching to myself right now! What step can you make today?

Okay, just to prove I can practice what I preach, I just got up and took the money I had in my purse and put it away. It was a whopping $17.10 but it still felt good! Now I need to step it up with my savings account!

What are you going to do? Come on, I dare ya!