Do you love vegetables?

If you answered yes, do you prove it regularly? If you answered no, then do you know how much veggies ‘love’ you?

Let me explain this crazy statement. I’m not talking about veggies brought to life like in the kids series ‘Veggie Tales’ where they seem to miraculously do every day things without hands, but I’m talking from the view of what a good ¬†relationship is like.

We teach our children the importance of choosing good friends. We don’t want to see them get into an abusive relationship. How many of us have tried to encourage someone to get out of a bad relationship where they’re being mistreated, but they insist that the person really loves them and can be a nice person sometimes!

I see many of us in this scenario with food. We are in a toxic relationship with food that is literally abusing our bodies and causing us to be an emotional and physical wreck. We put up with it for those few moments of pleasure where they’re acting nice – on our taste-buds! Then when the gut-aches, bad skin and weight gain kick in we try to break it off with them, but they put on all the charm and seduce us again!

This is not ‘true love’! In the true love or real friend department, nothing beats fruit and veggies and other whole unprocessed foods!!! Absolutely everything about them is ‘on our side’. They are filled with ingredients that not only nourish us and build us up, but also things that fight for us against bad stuff in our bodies that is trying to do harm!

The next time you’re trying to choose between a burger, fries and a pop and a whole grain wrap filled with chicken and veggies with a water, think about it as a date. Do you want to go out with a good-looking person who is going to stab you in the back, or do you want to be with a beautiful person who is nice on the outside and the inside?!

Don’t leave the veggie love unrequited! Start a life-long friendship with them that will really satisfy you!