Steps to Change

Brain Change Part 2: Layers of Change

Are you willing to go deeper to see the changes you want?
We are all a little bit like the character Shrek. We have ‘layers’! Now, whether you are a parfait or an onion is up to debate, but we all basically work the same!

We will live what we believe. We might even believe a truth about something external, such as ‘Exercise is good for me, I should do it”, but until we internalize it we will never apply it, at least not for very long. If  ‘internally’ your thoughts are:

I’m basically lazy, I never finish what I start
I’ve tried […]

Brain Change Part 1: Re-Train Your Brain

Do you know what you should do, but have trouble doing it?
Perhaps you need to re-train your brain!

I have found a universal truth that applies in anything in your life that you try to change whether it’s eating habits, exercise, business and finances, spiritual, relational or personal growth. All of the books I’ve read, including the Bible, self help tapes and seminars all seem to have a common thread. The one area we need to work on is our mind.

Our brain is a fantastic computer! It can do amazing things. Many of its’ functions are pre-programmed to run things unconsciously […]

You Deserve the Best!

Do you want to live your life to the fullest?
If we only have one life to live, then why not make it an awesome one? Why do we get stuck in the traps of existence where we seem to settle for what scraps life will throw us, then complain when it doesn’t throw us things we like?!

Maybe we don’t know any better, or maybe you’re like me and there’s a subconscious belief that we don’t really deserve the best. Perhaps society has given you the impression that you are somehow second rate.

Here are a few of the factors in my […]

How to Change Direction

Would you like to go back in the past to visit your old self and have a pep talk with them?
I saw a trailer recently for the new X-Men movie that’s coming out where it looks like Professor Xavier goes into the past to talk to his old self that has lost all hope and is about to make some momentous bad decision. Well, too bad none of us has mutant super powers or time machines so we can’t go back and kick ourselves in the behind and say ‘What the ‘Bleep!’ are you thinking!!!

Anyway, we can’t go back […]

Today is the Day!

Do you want to finally fulfil a lifelong dream or desire?
Of course you do! What a stupid question, eh? Well as the caption says, ‘Tomorrow Starts Now!’

I have discovered that it’s some kind of law of the Universe that as soon as you make a plan to do something for your future like going on a diet or exercise program, saving money for your future or something like that, then ‘Boom!’ something happens. Your friends invite you out for dinner or the church puts on a big pot-luck, so you say – I’ll start eating better tomorrow. The car […]

Choosing Health

Do you ever wish that there was no such thing as unhealthy food and healthy food,  bad choices and good choices?
It would be awesome if chocolate bars were in the same category as broccoli! Wouldn’t it be nice to just do what we like without negative consequences? Many of us live that way. Unfortunately, reality strikes when we wind up suffering with disease, financial ruin or some other disaster.

The reality of this life is that each and every choice we make sows seed in future consequences – good or bad. I’ve been thinking lately on how life is really […]

Healthy Eating – The Importance of Being Prepared

Do you want to keep eating healthy foods and stop falling into the habit of grabbing junk foods instead?
Then you must prepare for the inevitable ‘hunger monster’ that rears it’s ugly head throughout your day. If you do not have a healthy food choice available, that monster will cause you to gobble whatever is quickest and most convenient! You must have food pre-made at home and some healthy snacks with you when you’re out and about.

Here are some things I do that save my butt! (From getting Bigger!!!)

Have a list of easy and quick meal ideas and keep the […]