Health Tips

Losing Weight – Don’t Bite off More Than You Can Chew

Do you get overwhelmed when thinking about the amount of weight you want to lose? If it seems like a mountain too hard to climb, then this tip is for you!
Break down the amount you want to lose into ‘bite-sized’ chunks. If you need to lose 50 lbs and that seems too hard, then make a goal to lose 5 lbs. 5 lbs is doable for anyone! Make the goal of losing 5 lbs measurable and attainable to you.

If you have a goal of losing 5 lbs in one month and have a healthy plan for doing that, then […]

Blenders – Having the Right Tool for the Job

Are your green smoothies kind of chunky or chewy? Do you love the taste of raspberries in your smoothies, but hate the seeds?
Having the right blender can make a world of difference! I have been making shakes, smoothies and nut-milks for years. I’ve made a lot of raw desserts with cashews and other things that are hard to blend. Up until yesterday I’ve been using regular blenders and am often frustrated with the results.

After scraping down the sides, blending for what seems forever, and still not always happy with the end texture with my old blender, yesterday my darling […]

Is Gluten-Free Really Healthier?

Are you or someone you know eating gluten-free? Please keep reading.
You may have noticed the labelling on many products nowadays says ‘Gluten-Free’. It kind of reminds me of the days when food companies were sticking ‘low-fat’ on things to make people think they were somehow healthier! It didn’t matter if it was a bag of candies that of course had no fat, but were nothing but sugar, chemicals and food dyes!

I was the baker at a lovely little gluten-free bakery in Nanaimo called ‘The Blue Jewel Bakery and Cafe’. It is unfortunately closed now. I know a lot about […]

Should You Sue Yourself for Damages?

Do you need to learn to treat yourself better?
Here’s something to think about:

Cleaning Company Analogy:

Imagine you hired a cleaning company to clean your home while you were away on holidays so you’d have a nice clean place to come home to and:

Instead of floor cleaner, they spread a bunch of food all over the floor then left all the doors and windows open and the smell attracted all kinds of vermin
There is an infestation of ants, cockroaches and rats running wild everywhere and leaving behind all their nests and faeces. The animals have destroyed much of your furniture and […]