Carrot Mango Ginger Salad

Are you looking for something awesome to do to use up that big bag of carrots you bought because it was on sale?
If you’re bored of steamed carrots and carrot sticks, then here is an absolutely delicious yet very simple salad I think you will enjoy from my e-book Raw Make Ahead Salads.

I totally oink out on this salad every time I make it. It is so amazing and refreshing. I love the ginger – it’s good for your digestion and tastes great!

4 cups carrot, grated (use grater attachment on a food processer to make this quick)
1 cup mango, minced […]

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Broccoli Ambrosia Salad

Do you need some new broccoli ideas?
Then get ready to rock your cells with more of this high-powered nutrient-filled, cancer-fighting heavy hitter! Broccoli tops the chart as a nutrient dense food!

Broccoli is finally having it’s day! There are some seriously tasty broccoli salad creations out there! Unfortunately a lot of them have unhealthy ingredients like bacon and mayonnaise.

Here is a healthy version of an old favourite that I concocted. Goodbye marshmallows! Hello Broccoli! This eye-catching salad is a real crowd pleaser. This recipe is from my e-book Raw Make Ahead Salads where there are some more fantastic broccoli salad recipes.


2 cups […]

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Lazy Green Smoothie

Do you want a quick and easy way to get more greens into your diet without having to eat them?
No, I’m not talking intravenous here! I’m talking about the beauty of green smoothies!

If you haven’t heard of them, they’re basically leafy greens like spinach, lettuce, Swiss chard, collards or kale blended into a smoothie with water and fruit to make them taste better.

There are lots of recipes with different kinds of fruit, but honestly, sometimes I’m just too lazy or in a hurry to wash, peel, de-seed and chop fruit, so I just use juice or even chocolate almond […]

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